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                            Greater Cornwall & Areas Community Sports Newspaper
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                             Greater Cornwall & Areas Community Sports Newspaper
        Volume 6  Issue No.56
        July 2017               FREE
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        Sports  Energy
        Sports  Energy
        Sports  Energy
                             Greater Cornwall & Areas Community Sports Newspaper
         Jacob Ruest, Talks About His Road to Success From

                                              CMLA To Colorado Mammoth of the NLL
        Sports  Energy

                                              By Molly Kett

                                              Jplayer from Cornwall, has
                       -Business Cards
                             Greater Cornwall & Areas Community Sports Newspaper
                                              been  making his mark in the
                          - Tickets           professional lacrosse world.  Ruest
                                              just  completed  his rookie  season
                         Black & White        for the Colorado Mammoth of the
        Sports  Energy
        Sports  Energy
        Sports  Energy
                           Full Colour
        Sports  Energy
                                              National Lacrosse League.
                    starting at $
                                                Ruest is extremely  talented
           3308 Second St. East, Cornwall, ON
                                              and has worked hard to get to
                                              roots, though, started right here in
               where he is today.  His lacrosse
                             Greater Cornwall & Areas Community Sports Newspaper
                                                “I grew up playing minor
                                              lacrosse in Cornwall, ON under
                                              the coaching of Perry Blanchard,
         $   7      Meal                      Rick Fillion, and my father Jack
                                              Ruest.  From there, I went on to
         Upgrade your Sundae                  play Jr. B lacrosse for the Cornwall
                                              Celtics, then Jr. A lacrosse for the
           to a mini Blizzard
            Treat for  1                      Burlington  Chiefs.  During this      Jacob Ruest has just completed his first professional season with the
                                              time,  I  was  introduced  to  field   Colorado Mammoth                                        Photo Submitted
                                              lacrosse  while  attending the  Hill
                                                                                    Division  I lacrosse  at  Robert  was then released during training
                                              Academy in  Vaughan, Ontario,”        Morris University in Pittsburgh,  camp.  In the offseason, I was
                                              says Ruest.  “I spent two years       Pennsylvania.  Upon graduation  signed by the Colorado Mammoth
                                              at  the  Hill  Academy  (grade  12    from university, I was drafted by  to  a  two year  agreement  which
                                              & 13) and was fortunate enough
             1307 Pitt St. (corner of 13th) Cornwall     to receive  a scholarship  to play   the  Calgary Roughnecks of the  began in fall of 2016.”
                 613-938-6772                                                       National  Lacrosse League  but                        Continued on page 2

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