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Sports  Energy
                            Greater Cornwall & Areas Community Sports Newspaper
        Sports  Energy
                            Greater Cornwall & Areas Community Sports Newspaper
        Sports  Energy
                             Greater Cornwall & Areas Community Sports Newspaper
                     Harv’s Diner                                                When Was the Las Time Your Car  Cakes & MORE
                                                                                 Had a Checkup?
        Sports  Energy
        Sports  Energy
        Sports  Energy
        Sports  Energy
                     THE BREAKFAST PLACE
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             619 Pitt Street
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                                    926 Carleton Street, Cornwall              2nd Street, Cornwall
                             Greater Cornwall & Areas Community Sports Newspaper
        Volume 5  Issue No.47
         October 2016           FREE
        Sports  Energy
                            Greater Cornwall & Areas Community Sports Newspaper
         Cornwall Hubs Celebrate 56 years of Hockey Memories


              40            Years!

            3308 Second St. East, Cornwall, ON  First  row,  left  to  right,  Ray  Lavigne,  Brian  Fontaine,  Mario  Vien,  Harold  McBride,  Shawn  Blancard,
            3308 Second St. East, Cornwall, ON
                 613.932.9281                 Dwayne Spinks, Tony Jones, Mike Desnoyer, Bordie Harrington.
         Second row, left to right, Paul Charron, Earl Landon, Art Murphy, Ray Jodoin, Gary Pearson, Moe Lemieux,
               Harvey Provist, Bernie Larue, Jack Lefave, Ron Quennville.
                                              Thrd Row, left to right, Jim Derouchie, Claude Leger, Ray Lalonde, Jim Cicchini, Lorne Malloy, Len Currier,
                                              Roger  Lefebvre,  Bob  Piquette,  Henry  Spinner,  Gerry  Lemire,  Doug  Flaro,  Jim  O’Neill,  Gary  Harrington,
                                              Rod Bennett.
                                              Top  Row,  left  to  right,  Claude  (Red)  Dupuis,  Mike  Masterman,  Mine  Conway,  Bob  Currier,  Jack  Haines,
                                              Mike Hanton, Steve Casselman, Ranny Shayler, John Poirier, Eric Pedersen, Gerry Desjardin, Bill McNally,
                                                                                                                                         Photo Credit Icelevel
                                              Bob Kennedy, Laurier Trachemontagne.
         $   7      Meal                       By Molly Kett                        for  myself  but  I  think  that  greeted  them,  a  lot  of  changes
          Upgrade your Sundae                      his  past  September  20th,      everyone  was  happy  to  see  such  in body structure occur over that
                                                                                                                          period of time.”
                                                                                    a  great  turnout,”  says  Laurier
           to a mini Blizzard                 TCornwall’s old-timers hockey                                                 Around seventy people attended
            Treat for  1                      organization, the Cornwall Hubs,      Tranchemontagne,        a     senior   the  event,  with  players  that
                                              held  their  reunion  at  the  Army   Cornwall  Hub  and  organizer  of     covered  six  decades  of  hockey.
                                              Navy  Club  on  Marlborough.           the  event.    “Every  person  there   The  Cornwall  Hubs  had  two
                                              The  reunion  was  a  success,  with   reconnected  with  someone  they     main  teams,  the  seniors  who
                                              many  old  stories  being  shared     had not seen or spoken to in quite    were 50-and-over and the juniors,
                                              and reconnecting with old friends     a  while.    Of  course,  there  were   30-and-over, with the organization
             1307 Pitt St. (corner of 13th) Cornwall     throughout the evening.    a  lot  of  “blank”  looks  as  people   starting in 1960.
                 613-938-6772                    “Of course I am only speaking  struggled  to  recall  who  had  just                   Continued on page 11

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