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                             Greater Cornwall & Areas Community Sports Newspaper
        Volume 4  Issue No.36
         Sports  Energy
         Sports  Energy
         Sports  Energy
         Sports  Energy

                              Greater Cornwall & Areas Community Sports Newspaper

          Cornwall Native Reflects on Life before the Pros

                                               By Todd Anderson
          Sports  Energy
                                                   ornwall’s  Doug  Carpenter  loves
                                              Chis home town.  That’s why he still
                                              lives in the area.  His beautiful property

                                              is just two doors down from the home
                            - Design          on the shores of the St. Lawrence River
                             Greater Cornwall & Areas Community Sports Newspaper
                           - Printing         he built in 1978 when he retired from
                           - Binding             “I  was  born  and  raised  here,  and

                           - Finishing        I  always  came  back  every  summer
                                              when I was away with hockey,” says
            3308 Second St. East, Cornwall, ON  the 73-year-old. “When I moved here
            3308 Second St. East, Cornwall, ON
                 613.932.9281                 permanently, my father (Thomas) was
         ill.  I wanted to come back and spend
               some time with him.”
                                                 The former NHL head coach of the
                                              Toronto Maple Leafs and New Jersey
                                     Open     Devils, as well as several International   Doug Carpenter will never forget the friendship he had with Jacques
                                   til 10 pm                                        Richard. Here he looks over a photo of the two, back when they were
                                              and  American  Hockey  League  teams
                                                                                    young talented ball players in the Cornwall area. Photo: Todd Anderson
                                              also guided the local Cornwall Royals
                                              (Quebec Major Junior Hockey League)  for many years. She always impressed  philosophy and physical education and
                                              team  to  a  championship  in  1979/80.  upon him the importance of education.  eventually did a little bit of teaching

                                              His  recollection  of  several  stories  “There was a rule in place that I had to  before  beginning  a  professional
                                              from  years  behind  the  bench,  in  the  go to school. I eventually received my  playing and coaching career in hockey.
                                              dressing rooms, or on the ice surfaces  degree,” recalls Carpenter. “I promised  He took some of the skills he gained
                                              and  baseball  and  football  fields  left  my  mother  I  would  get  it,  and  I  did.  from the classroom onto the ice as a

                                              this writer wanting to stay around all  I  went  to  school  at  McGill.  (Ottawa  coach.
                                              afternoon just to sit back and listen.  His  Senators’  general  manager)  Bryan   “I’m  not  sure  college  makes  you
                                              respect to detail, modesty, and gracious  Murray was there in the same class as  smarter. You just have to write down
                                              demeanour is inspiring.                me.  Small world.  We played football  what the teacher has been telling you

             1307 Pitt St. (corner of 13th) Cornwall     Growing up, Carpenter’s mother was  together.”                   for the past five months,” Carpenter
                 613-938-6772                 a teacher at East Front Public School    At  McGill,  Carpenter  studied                   Continued on page 9

                                                      “The Best Kept Secret In Long Sault”

                                            � We have been here for 25 years.
                                            � We are a worldwide leader in ultrasonic instrumentation for industrial and environmental markets - two
                     growing areas.
                                            � We design, develop, manufacture and market industrial flow and level instruments.
                 � We are growing and need you if you're an engineer (all levels and disciplines), technical sales person,
           613-938-8956                        operations planning manager.
                                            � Email us, tell a friend about us, call us. We want local talent.
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