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        Volume 4  Issue No.33

        Sports  Energy
        Sports  Energy
        Sports  Energy
        Sports  Energy
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        Sports  Energy

                            Greater Cornwall & Areas Community Sports Newspaper

        Like father, like son, Pearsons enjoy draft success

                                              By Todd Anderson
        Sports  Energy

                                                  ornwall native Chase Pearson was
                                              Cback in the area last month to visit
                                              with  family  and  friends,  and  celebrate
                                              name called by the Detroit Red Wings at
                                   Dessert    some big news. The 18-year-old had his
                            Greater Cornwall & Areas Community Sports Newspaper
                                              the 2015 NHL Entry Draft in July when
                                              he was selected in the fifth round, 140th

                                                Pearson was accompanied by a large
                                              cast of supporters in attendance during
         Open      Cheeseburger $             the Florida event, where he followed in
        Sports  Energy
         til 11 pm
                    Meal Deal 6
                                              his father’s footsteps. Scott Pearson was

                                              drafted in the first round, sixth overall, in
                                              1988 by the Toronto Maple Leafs.
             1307 Pitt St. (corner of 13th) Cornwall
                                                “It  was  pretty  cool  to  be  there,”
                                              says  the  lanky  teen  who  dubs  himself
                                              a  responsible  two-way  forward  who
                                              can  chip  in  offensively  and  takes  care
                            Greater Cornwall & Areas Community Sports Newspaper
                                              of  his  own  end  of  the  ice  defensively.   Chase Pearson took time to relax at his family cottage on the shores
                                              “I can’t describe how it felt to hear my   of the St. Lawrence River in Long Sault in July. The Cornwall native
                                              name  being  called.  I  worked  hard  my   was drafted by the Detroit Red Wings in the fifth round, 140th overall,

                                              whole life for that moment. It was really
                                                                                    earlier this summer.                                Photo: Todd Anderson
                                              exciting for me.”                     competition as he goes up the ladder. For  the  former  Huron  Hockey  School  in
                         - Design
        Sports  Energy
                                                Chase’s father Scott says it is exciting

                                              times for the family right now, however,
                                                                                    him,  it’s  about  training  and  preparing  Cornwall.
                           - Printing

                                              he  knows  only  the  first  step  has  been
                                                                                    each day.”
                                                                                                                             “I try to absorb as much information
                                              achieved.    “It  was  pretty  humbling  to
                           - Binding
                                                                                       The  knowledge  and  experience  as I can,” says Chase. “He’s given me
                                              be  a  part  of  the  (draft)  experience.  To
                                                                                    Chase  can  gain  from  his  father  is  a  good advice, on and off the ice. Not a
                           - Finishing
                                              memories when I was his age. I’m proud
                                                                                    elder Pearson have 292 games of NHL  their disposal. He wants me to go as far
                            Greater Cornwall & Areas Community Sports Newspaper
                                              of him. He worked hard to be here. I try
            3308 Second St. East, Cornwall, ON  sit in the stands, it brought back a lot of   rare  commodity.  Not  only  does  the  lot  of  guys  have  this  type  of  thing  at
            3308 Second St. East, Cornwall, ON
                                                                                    experience  under  his  belt,  he  also  has  as I can. He’s been a really good coach
                 613.932.9281                 to keep him grounded. He was drafted,   over  two  decades  of  experience  as  to me all of these years. It’s pretty neat
         now  he  has  his  foot  in  the  door.  The   an  instructor  and  coach  for  various  we  were  both  drafted  by  Original  Six
               bulk of the work is coming in the future   teams, programs, and camps, including
                                              though. There’s so much parity. So much                                                   Continued on page 7
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