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        Volume 4  Issue No.31

        The Games are Over, The Memories Live On: Nygel Pelletier

                                               By Jordan Todd

                                                   onst.  Nygel  Pelletier  works  for
                                               Cthe  Cornwall  Police.    However,
                                               for years before he came to his current
                                               job, he spent his days travelling around
                           - Design            North America, refereeing professional
                          - Printing             Pelletier,  an  Alexandria  native,

                           - Binding           played his hockey in Cornwall, growing
                                               up.    He  eventually  ended  up  playing
                           - Finishing         Junior A for a few years, finishing up

                                               his career with the Brockville Braves.
            3308 Second St. East, Cornwall, ON  Once he realized his playing days were
            3308 Second St. East, Cornwall, ON
                 613.932.9281                  over, he decided to pursue a career in
          the next best thing: refereeing.  He had
                done some officiating as a teenager in

                                               Cornwall and the job appealed to him.
                                               He officiated locally for a little while,

                                               doing  AA  and  AAA  hockey,  before
                                               becoming a ref in Junior.  “Then that
                                               progressed  really  quickly  and,  within
                                               three years, I was working pro in the
                                               East Coast Hockey League,” he says.
                                   Dessert       He  worked  full  time  in  the  ECHL
                                               for a few years before getting his shot
                                               in the AHL, where his last season was
                                               2010.   “Now, when I look back, you   Nygel Pelletier was always in the middle of the action as a ref or player.
                                               don’t miss the games,” says Pelletier.                                                        Photo Submitted

         Open                                  “You miss the guys you worked with,   at the World Hockey Championship -  comes up and he meets me.  McLellan
         til 11 pm     Bacon                   all the antics.”                     was then coaching, in the minors, for  goes, ‘Hey, congratulations. Good luck.
                    Meal Deal 6
                   Cheeseburger $                In  one  of  Nygel’s  first  games  as  a  Houston.  The veteran linesmen Nygel  I hear this is one of your fi rst games.’

             1307 Pitt St. (corner of 13th) Cornwall     professional, Todd McLellan - just hired  was working with told him about how  So, I look up and he’s just smiling at
                                               as head coach of the Edmonton Oilers,  tough McLellan was on offi cials.  “I’m  me,” says Pelletier with a laugh. “They
               613-938-6772                    after  his  success  with  Team  Canada  walking  down  the  hallway,  and  he  had me all worked up.”

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