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        Volume 4  Issue No.29

        Sports  Energy
        Sports  Energy
        Sports  Energy
        Sports  Energy
        Sports  Energy
        Sports  Energy

                            Greater Cornwall & Areas Community Sports Newspaper

         “Game On” Reserve your Seat April 29th to May 3rd

        Sports  Energy
                                               By: Molly Kett

                                                  he  Fred  Page  Cup:    Exciting
                                              TEastern Canadian Jr “A” Hockey
                                              Championships  with  a  Boost  for

                            - Design          Cornwall’s Economy
                                                 In  April,  the  Cornwall  Colts  will
                            Greater Cornwall & Areas Community Sports Newspaper
                           - Printing         be  hosting  the  2015  Fred  Page  Cup
                                              Eastern  Canadian  Championship.
                           - Binding          Round-robin  games  between  four
                           - Finishing        Junior  A  teams  –  the  Colts,  CCHL
        Sports  Energy
                                              champions (Maritimes) and LHJAAQ
            3308 Second St. East, Cornwall, ON
            3308 Second St. East, Cornwall, ON
                                              Champions (Quebec) will begin April
                                              28.  The winner of the tournament will
                                              represent Eastern Canada at the RBC
                                              Cup in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba.
                                                 While the Carleton Place Canadians
                            Greater Cornwall & Areas Community Sports Newspaper
                                              are the defending Page Cup champions,
                                              the  Colts  Co-Chair  Marketing  and
                                              Promotions  Director  David  Murphy                    “Let The Games Begin”
                                              says the favourite team doesn’t always   The host Cornwall Colts plan on keeping the Fred Page Cup in Cornwall
                                              win, which will make this tournament   after the Tournament.                             Ice Level Photography
                                   Includes   an exciting one.
                                   Dessert                                          and willing to help. Murphy says this  and  family  eating  at  restaurants
                                                 “It’s  the  team  that  has  the  right   means Cornwall will be hosting a fun,  like  Schnitzel’s,  Shoeless  Joe’s,  St.
                                              chemistry and gets hot at the right time   exciting, and successful tournament.   Hubert’s,  Boston  Pizza,  and  Tim
                                              that has a good chance of winning this                                      Horton’s  translates  into  a  strong
                                              type of tournament,” says Murphy.        Not only will this tournament bring   economic spinoff, Murphy says.  He
                                                                                    Cornwall some exciting hockey, but it
         Open                                    As  the  Fred  Page  Cup  draws    will benefit the city on an economic   is  very  excited  for  the  tournament,

         til 10 pm     Bacon                  near,  fans  continue  to  support  the                                     and happy to be involved.
                    Meal Deal 6

         Easter    Cheeseburger $             tournament,  as  they  have  since  last   level as well.  Businesses will benefit   “Good  luck  to  all  the  teams
             1307 Pitt St. (corner of 13th) Cornwall     summer.  A number of businesses are  in  several  ways.    The  booking  of   participating, but it’s ok if local fans
                                              also supporting the tournament, and a  approximately  300  rooms  at  local
                                                                                                                          want  to  cheer  for  only  the  Colts,”
               613-938-6772                   large number of volunteers are ready  hotels  and  having  players,  friends,   jokes Murphy.
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