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        Volume 4  Issue No.27
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        Steve Moreau, New River “King” Owner

                                               By Sports Energy Staff
        Sports  Energy
                                                   ecently  we  caught  up  to  the
                                              RRiverKings  new  owner  Steve
                                              Moreau  and  he  graciously  conducted
                                              his first interview with Sports Energy.

                                                 “I  was  at  home  in  Chesterville
                            - Design          listening  to  the  RiverKings  play  by
                            Greater Cornwall & Areas Community Sports Newspaper
                           - Printing         play  station  101.5  Real  Classic  Rock
                                              one day last season, they offered tickets
                           - Binding          to the next RiverKings game.  I called

                           - Finishing        in  and  won.    I  was  thrilled  with  the
                                              antics that night and the caliber of the
                                              hockey was much better than expected
            3308 Second St. East, Cornwall, ON
            3308 Second St. East, Cornwall, ON
                 613.932.9281                 and we just kept coming back.” That’s
         how Cornwall RiverKings owner Steve
               Moreau happened into our midst.
                                                 Steve  grew  up  an  Ontario  boy,  he
                                              was born in Penetanguishene, raised in
                                              beautiful  Simcoe  County  and  moved
                                              around the province.
                                                 Steve is a business man, a successful
                                              one who has been pouring his energy
                                              these  days  into  his  current  business
                                   Includes   e-steam,  those  electronic  vapour
                                   Dessert    cigarettes that arrived onto the scene a
                                              few years ago.                        Bring a Friend.  RiverKing Player Anthony Courcelles seen here inviting
                                                 He also believes in his RiverKings.     a friend to the next home game.       Photo Credit: Allison Papineau
                                              “Never  did  I  think  I  would  own  a  that the league views Cornwall as a top  that doesn’t in any way mean that I am
                                              hockey  team,  I  followed  the  troubles  notch LNAH market, they love that the  leaving  town  after  the  playoffs,  why
                                              that rocked the team right from the start  team is here and they want it to stay  would I buy a hockey team for three or
          Open         Bacon                                                                                              four months?
                    Meal Deal 6
         til 9 pm Cheeseburger $              and when things hit bottom, I decided  here.”                                 “One  thing  is  obvious,  we  have  a
                                                                                       In order to make this work, being the
                                              to make an inquiry.”
             1307 Pitt St. (corner of 13th) Cornwall     A few days later Steve Moreau was  fourth  owner  in  less  than  three  years  very dedicated fan base and committed
               613-938-6772                   meeting with the LNAH brass and they  requires  a  plan.    “Being  realistic,  I  players, I have a ten year plan that needs
                                              saw something they liked.  “It helped  have to get us through this season, but             Continued on page 2
                                                                 Owners  George,  Paul  and  Tom  have  been  involved  with  Cornwall
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