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         Volume 3  Issue No. 17
        Sports  Energy
        Sports  Energy
        Sports  Energy

                            Greater Cornwall & Areas Community Sports Newspaper

        Cornwall Youth Loves Playing Golf

                                               By Diane Hunter

                                                   ORNWALL         –     Nicholas
                                              CValiquette  is  not  your  typical
        Sports  Energy
                                              teenager. The Cornwall youth doesn’t
                                              play video games. He plays golf. The
            ONE STOP     - Design
                                              teen  recently  spent  some  time  in
                         - Printing
                                              Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as part
             Need a      - Binding            of Team Ottawa, created by the Golf
                                              Association  of  Ontario  (GAO)  U17
                            Greater Cornwall & Areas Community Sports Newspaper
           turn around?  - Finishing          team  competition  and  training.  “It
                                              was amazing,” said Valiquette.
          We’ll SPRING into action!
                                                 The  GAO  formed  three  regional
            3308 Second St. East, Cornwall, ON  junior  teams  made  up  of  some  of
                 613.932.9281                 the province’s best male and female

               golfers under the age of 17.  A first
                                              for the association, the three teams,
                                              Team Ottawa, York and Waterloo are
          Service and Parts Department is     comprised of 36 athletes with 12 on
                                              each squad. The teams were created
         NOW OPEN                             in  the  fall  based  on  combines  held
                                              in  each  of  the  regions.  Each  team
         FROM 8 AM-12 NOON                    has a head coach and a strength and
              ON SATURDAYS                    condition coach.

                                                 Valiquette, a 15-year-old grade 10
           We are the EXPERTS                 student said five girls and seven boys

           at caring for your KIA vehicle.    were chosen to make up Team Ottawa.
           We proudly service all makes and models too!   “I like being able to play golf with
           We have the experience and the state of   my team and I have been practicing
            the art equipment to get the job done.
             We make servicing your vehicle as   every winter,” he said. “I’m hoping  Nicholas Valiquette (L) with Golf Coach Adam Holden  Supplied photo.
            convenient and pleasant as possible.  to go again next year.”
          THE CUSTOMER IS OUR FIRST PRIORITY!                                        and from John Haimes a performance  Contender’. He gave us each a book.
                                                 Valiquette said he learned a lot from  specialist. “He was there to help with  I have read parts of it. It’s good. It
                                              Adam Holden, Team Ottawa regional  your mental game. He used to be a  helps you with your mental game. A
                                              coach,  Allen  Hicks,  Team  Ottawa  professional golfer,” said Valiquette.  big part of golf is how you play your
                                              strength and conditioning consultant,  “He wrote a book called ‘You are a                   continued on page 5

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