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         Sports  Energy

                                Greater Cornwall & Area’s Community Sports Newspaper

        Experiencing Canada’s Spirit of Adventure

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            Gift Cards
            Available    - Finishing           By Shawn Maloney                     from wintery Canada to warm sunny  ocean sailors
                                                                                    Antigua. Staying warm and dry was        Other  crew  members  from  all
          Wishing you a Happy  New Year!           uring a hectic day at work in July,  the underlying theme and it served us  over  Canada  arrived  and  we  got
                                              DI received an email from my wife  well.                                    acquainted at the local pub that night.
            3308 Second St. East, Cornwall, ON  with a link to Spirit of Canada Ocean   As soon as we arrived in Lunenburg,  The next morning, we reported to the
                 613.932.9281                 Challenge. “You should do this” her  we rushed down to the harbour to see  dock to meet Derek Hatfi eld and the
               message read.                         Spirit of Adventure - the 60-foot race  other  Spirit  of  Adventure  skipper,
                                                 One  click  on  the  website  and  boat that would be our home for the  Chris Stanmore-Major. Derek has an
                                              my  heart  started  to  pound  with  next ten days. Previously known as  impressive resume of single handed
          Service and P arts Department is    excitement.  Imagine  an  opportunity  Amer  Sports  One,  she  completed  ocean  racing,  including  the Vendee
          Service and Parts Department is
                                              to sail a premiere race boat with world  the  Volvo  Ocean  Race  in  2001.  Globe and the Velux 5 Ocean Races
         NOW OPEN                             class sailor, Derek Hatfield! After a  The boat was just as I expected – a  (previously called ‘Around Alone’).

            FROM 8 AM-12 NOON                 quick  glance  at  the  available  dates,  beautiful, sleek, strong race boat with  He  is  a  Canadian  sailing  superstar
                ON SATURDAYS                  I settled on a unique voyage starting  a very basic interior, no windows, no  with  lots  of  knowledge  to  share.
                                              in November, sailing with Derek on  shower (baby wipes only), no table,  Chris Stanmore-Major is a dynamic
           We are the EXPERTS                 a  Volvo  60  from  Lunenburg,  Nova  no seating, no cushions. Inside, there  personality and accomplished ocean

           at caring for your KIA vehicle.    Scotia to Antigua - a distance of 1800  were hammock- style bunks, storage  racer who completed the around the
           We proudly service all makes and models too!   nautical miles. I felt exhilarated!  compartments,  a  makeshift  kitchen,  world  alone  Velux  5  Oceans  Race
           We have the experience and the state of the art   My friends Andy and Denis were  toilet, and a small navigation station.  in  2011.  What  a  thrill  to  spend  an
                equipment to get the job done.
           We make servicing your vehicle as convenient   quick  to  join  the  adventure,  and  The toilet was added recently for our  extended  vacation  on  a  boat  with
                  and pleasant as possible.   soon  after  putting  our  own  boats  convenience, but I can tell you that a  these  professionals!  We  spent  the
            KIA OF CORNWALL                   away for the winter, the three of us  fi ve point seat belt would have been  day learning safety procedures, and
                                              travelled to Lunenburg to join Derek  useful  to  keep  us  in  place  during    becoming familiar with the rigging
          THE CUSTOMER IS OUR FIRST PRIORITY!  and  seven  other  sailors.  Prior  to  our  ‘private  moments’!  Compared  and operations of the boat.
             1405 Rosemount Ave.              the  journey,  Derek’s  wife  Patianne  to my cruising sailboat, the Spirit of   Saturday,  November  16  was
                  613-937-3433                Verburgh provided useful advice for  Adventure gave me a true appreciation  departure  day.  The  morning  was
                packing and managing the transition  for the challenge and discomfort that                Continued on page 10

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